Online portfolios

It’s unusual for people working in the creative industry not to have an online portfolio, and there are some great free (or at least, very cheap) resources out there that will help you develop a great online presence in an afternoon. The resources listed below offer fairly minimal templates so that the focus is on your work.


Really simple and easy to use responsive templates. The design can be personalised easily.

Cargo Collective

This is an invite-only platform, and there are a lot of easy to use templates.


A very easy drag and drop system; no web knowledge required!


This is a great site for networking with other designers. Projects can easily be added and there is a good comment and ‘appreciation’ functionality.

Behance Pro Site

This costs a bit, but it displays all of the images from your Behance page in some beautiful templates.


Some really simple and minimal templates, easy to use galleries and it’s fairly inexpensive.

Not to be confused with as that is essentially a blogging site. allows you to download the system and install it on your own server. From here you can install as many plug-ins and templates as you need. It is a free system, though you will need to buy hosting and a domain name. If you explore you will find some hosting companies that offer affordable hosting and domain prices and ‘one click WordPress install’ – this makes setting your site up even easier.  The best thing is you can install free e-commerce packages like woocommerce and this means you can have your very own site, portfolio, blog and shop in one.

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