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As a Crochet Teacher & Designer I have had to look at new ways of “hooking” people!  When I was living in Surrey, I was limited both space wise & financially.  I was teaching from my spare bedroom & at one or two haberdasheries, that took the main cut of the payment that pupils paid.

When I moved to Dorset, I was lucky enough to have a room that I could dedicate to becoming a “Crochet Classroom”, however in the meantime I needed to make myself known & get some pupils coming to classes, so whilst I spent some money on advertising in the local paper, I also started to think outside of the box.

I had a blog up and running, which was popular & had followers, plus I had a Twitter & Facebook account which were both building up followers or “likes”.  I listened to what people were saying e.g. “I wished you lived closer – there are no crochet classes near me” or “I really want to come to your lessons but I don’t have the time to fit it all in.”  That’s when I came up with my Online Crochet Course, which is being bought worldwide!

I also started to submit my crochet designs to Magazines & Books.  My first design appeared in Inside Crochet Magazine in March 2013 & I have had more designs in more magazines & books since then.

One other thing that I listened to online was the fact that people were getting frustrated with not being able to follow crochet patterns as this is not something that you can really learn from You Tube!  Whilst waiting for my student client base to build up, and believe me it did pretty quickly & beyond my expectations, I wrote a book. I did try the well know publishing houses, but their responses were either negative, non existent or just never going to be written, so I decided to self publish.  The process wasn’t easy as I am not technologically gifted, but with a little help I got there in the end & after the success (it’s not up there on the best sellers list, but it’s a self published book that IS selling) of my UK version I translated “Crochet for Beginners who want to Improve” to a US version (yes, there is different terminology for UK & the US).

My top tips would be:

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